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Shrikant G. Talageri, born in 1958, was educated in Bombay where he lives and works. He studied the Konkani language. He studied and wrote on the theory of the Aryan invasion of India, and interpreted the Rig Veda with the help of the internal chronology of Rig vedic Rishes within the Rig Veda taking into account the genealogical records Anukramanis.

Talageri's work has been criticized by several academics, including professors M Witzel,[1][2] N Kazanas,[3] H H Hock [4] and A Fournet.[5]


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  • TALAGERI 2005: “Sita Ram Goel, Memories and Ideas”, p. 239-346 in “India’s Only Communalist: In Commemoration of Sita Ram Goel”, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2005.


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